About Us


Joms Haboc and his brothers started PICKupSTICKS because they wanted to use the unsold meat from their meat shop business before spoiling and being thrown. That's why Joms developed his original tasty barbeque recipe. Haboc brothers sell the special barbeque in their meat shop. Also, other grilled foods like isaw, chicharon bulaklak, tenga, etc., are offered. It all started last November 2016.

PICKupSTICKS' name is literal! Customers can really pick-up the on-stick grilled foods and eat them! 

Along the way, patrons start flocking their shop. In February 2017, the Haboc brothers excitedly opened their 1st PICKupSTICKS mall branch. 

As PICKupSTICKS got widely accepted by more Filipinos, Joms chose to expand it as a unique and affordable food franchise. Joms, being a business consultant, developed its own franchise program. On a deeper sense of the brand PICKupSTICKS, imagine 3 sticks: Joms and his 2 brothers. Add another stick for every franchisee and distributor, that makes the whole bundle strong and unbreakable. 

They want to be the first and known upscale on-stick Filipino food brand to both consumers and franchise investors.

PICKupSTICKS franchise business offers affordable and flavorful Filipino Streetfood focusing more on Grilled and Fried on-sticks products. 

There are 4 main categories for their product offering:

  • On-sticks Menu
  • Silog Meals
  • Party Bilao
  • Vacuum-Packed Goodies

Currently, PICKupSTICKS franchise has more than 40+ franchise branches and 20+ distributors located in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces.

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